Optical Illusions

My two favourite static optical illusions. The first one just makes my eyes hurt! Trippy This second one is less painful, but wiggs you out a little none the less. Optical-Illusion-Wheels-Circles-Rotating

iTunesRater Rewrite Planned

I borrowed Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X from the library the other day. I’ve read most of it, away from the computer, although I plan to reread it in front of the iMac over the next few weeks. I’ll write a review of it a bit later, but it reminded me that I still have a memory leak in iTunesRater. Also, I think I’ll rewrite iTunesRater as a Cocoa Objective-C application, rather than AppleScript Studio. Then I can just use an AppleScript message to get/send data, rather than relying on AppleScript for interface updates. That way the application may be a bit snappier. And hopefully I’ll overcome the memory leak. I was actually thinking of a refactor anyway, as there’s a whole heap of semi-duplicated code in there.

The Concrete Jungle

Creative Commons licenses are great - from a reader’s point of view, they’ve allowed people to publish, and me to read a whole variety of stories I might never have otherwise come across. Cory Doctorow is one example - he writes daily for Boing Boing, but has also written a whole heap of short stories, many of which I have on my Zire, and I read one every now and then. I really enjoyed Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. In fact, I managed to throw the term Whuffie into a comment the other day. Anyway, I came across this tonight: a short story by Charles Stross. Loving it, so far.

Camino Lockups

I really like Camino. It’s pretty much like FireFox, but with a more Mac feel. However, with the latest feel, I’ve noticed the occasional lockup. I get the spinning beachball of death, and no response. I haven’t found out what’s causing it, whether it’s a particular site or otherwise… Update: A second issue - not sure if it’s a new one. If you have a File Selector open, and a currently loading page decides to ask for a cookie, and you have the setting of “Ask before accepting each cookie”, then you won’t be able to dismiss either object, and will have to force quit. This has caused me to rethink my idea of Asking before accepting cookies.

'After the fact' Comment line

I’ve noticed a whole heap of blogs that use the “X hours after the fact” tagline as part of the comment. I’ve tried to implement this under Blogsome, but I’m struggling. I know I need to use the following: { comment_date } and { the_date } The problems I have encountered - Smarty doesn’t seem to like subtracting values that are dates, and I can’t seem to get them as numbers… Anyone done this?