Who Else Am I Chatting To?

Not that this has ever come up, but there is an AppleScript out there somewhere that allows you to type %_who into Adium, and it returns a list of people you are chatting to.

Naturally, it was sub-standard, and I have improved it.

Features mine has:<ul> <li>Don’t display the name of the person who you say this to</li> <li>Display “I’m not chatting to anyone else.” if you aren’t</li> <li>If the person you are chatting to can handle HTML in chat (Jabber, AIM), then list display names of the people you are chatting to, with each person a clickable link that will open a chat with that person</li> <li>Otherwise, display a list of people you are chatting to, with the type of chat listed after each name</li> </ul>

I’ve included the old one if anyone was interested: you can get it by typing %_who. Mine uses /who, and you can download it from Adium Xtras.

Chatting to Robots?

I had a thought just before. (Unusual, I know). I wrote a program called iTunesRater so I can rate my music as I listen to it in iTunes, and then went on to write a series of Adium Scripts to control iTunes ratings, and get data from iTunes.

What if instead of having to create scripts for iTunes that did everything you want, you just create a bot that runs, and you send messages to it, and it controls iTunes. So, I could have the program running, and instead of having to type: /itunes

_♫ The Chemical Brothers (Feat. The Flaming Lips) • The Golden Path _

/rate{44} /itunes

♫ The Chemical Brothers (Feat. The Flaming Lips) • The Golden Path ★★

I could just start up a chat with iTunes, and type all sorts of commands:

me: song

it: ♫ The Chemical Brothers (Feat. The Flaming Lips) • The Golden Path

me: rate 44

it: ♫ The Chemical Brothers (Feat. The Flaming Lips) • The Golden Path ★★

me: next track

[iTunes next track plays]

All it would seem to require is a program that can connect to a server of some sort (I think maybe Jabber, then I can run my own Jabber server!), and sends AppleScript messages to iTunes. Or any other application, for that matter.

Camino Coloured Tab

I opened this page in Camino, and found that the tab coloured itself blue: Weird. I wonder if its a controllable thing, or a bug? Edit: Must be a bug, as opening a new page in the same tab kept the tab blue, and closing the tab and re-opening the same page didn’t result in that tab going blue. Strange.

Smelly Flower

As I checked the mailbox when getting home tonight, I noticed a lovely purple Arum-like flower growing just near: Smelly Arum Lily After picking it, I noticed that it was rather smelly. In fact, it smells like a dead sheep, or something like that!

Livien - Journal of Jennifer Sando » Fearing August

Livien - Journal of Jennifer Sando » Fearing August

This weekend, I am going to see La Boheme. I haven’t been to see an opera in more than 5 years now - the last time was when I lived in Brisbane and it was La Traviata. I went with my family and we were all dressed up ‘to the nines’. (Geez, I hate using over-done phrases like the one you just read - but my friend said it to me earlier and now it’s just stuck there). I remember being stunned that the Queenslanders tended to see it more as a casual occasion.

I recall the first time I went to Queensland on a holiday being surprised at the patrons in the Casino not wearing ‘nice’ clothes. That is, they were in shorts, tee-shirts and thongs. This was in the Gold Coast though…

Page Visit Dropoff

I don’t obsess over my referers, much. It’s interesting to see what pages people have visited, and where they have come from, but I don’t write the stuff on this site because I’m trying to make myself heard, or popular. It’s more of: “Here’s some information I’ve come across: if someone else is searching for it and I can help them, that’s all good!” Having said that, I have had days in the last month or so where I have had over 400 page visits. Many of those are to the one post I wrote on Sudoku, ages ago, but they still keep coming. Even though I don’t actually provide much information in that post! I even had a day, a month ago, that had 690 referers, although a big chunk of them were actually some spider, as they were all DIRECT referers, and all seemed to be accessing weird URLs. More recently, I’ve discovered the Gvisit page, and have been able to see my most recent visitors locations, on a Google Map, which is very cool. I’ve even thought of making a category link, a home page link, and so on. But that seems like it might be too much work. Today, I noticed I only had 24 referers at around 2:30 (ACST: +0930), a time I usually number around 150. I thought, “Hey, there’s something weird going on here!”, and looked at the monthly view. 125 yesterday, and 174 the previous. Prior to that, each day had around 3-400 referers. I’m not sure why my traffic has suddenly halved: my Google Page Rank is a fair 5/10 (Boing Boing has a Page Rank of 8, Blogsome 6)