Preview Tips Macspiration 22 - Four More Hidden Preview Tricks

  1. Change the File Format. Yep, knew this one.
  2. Scan an image directly into Preview. Excellent. That’s one more reason not to have to load up Photoshop, just to scan an image!
  3. Take a Screenshot. Harder than ⌘$ (Cmd-Shift-4) for Window/Selection (Space Bar to toggle mode), or ⌘# (Cmd-Shift-3) for Screenshot. Can do timed screen, but generally don’t need this with ⌘#.
  4. Slideshow. Didn’t know it specifically, but I did know you can drag multiple documents to Preview at once and cycle through them.

So, one out of four ain’t too bad!

Out of Work Cylon

…via The Tao of Mac - Battlestar Galactica (Image cropped to fit site width).


I set up a ‘fake’ domain to use as testing, I basically made up a word, Shotza, to use. So, I could use it as http://shotza/ in a podcast - it would remind me that it wasn’t really supposed to point to my computer, just as a temporary thing. Anyway, when online tonight, I tried it from within iTunes. It wasn’t working. So I tried it in Firefox. http://shotza/ worked fine, so I tried http://shotza/rn/ Imagine my surprise when I get transferred to the page:;=yes&warned;=yes How the hell does my browser get hijacked like this? I’ve never turned on a setting that allows for host names to be used to try and find out what I meant! Is this a Firefox setting somewhere? It doesn’t seem to happen in Safari…I wonder if it could be a hard-coded thing in FireFox? Update: It seems to have something to do with Google, as this site is the first hit for a search for Shotza. Hmm, how do I turn that off?


I’m involved in a trial program using Microsoft Scholaris, an online educational management and teaching tool. There are some issues I’ve come across as I work on it, and I’ll keep a bit of a record of them as part of this blog.

  • The first, most obvious one is that it doesn’t work correctly on a standards compliant browser. You guessed it, it only works well on Internet Explorer, and only on a PC. IE mac is pretty ordinary anyway, btu Safari and Firefox both have some serious display issues. It’s almost like it’s been deliberately coded to not work properly.
  • econdly, I’d like tools to work with tables better. HTML is notoriously hard to work with tables under. Surely a WYSIWYG editor that can do tables acceptably well isn’t that hard to include.
  • Third: I don’t want the students to be able to enter styled text unless I deem that it is necessary. I am interested in content, not style.
  • Finally, it takes so damn long to set up one assessment task. To do one questions, where the students have to enter five words, and five descriptions (Electrical Safety/First Aid, DRABC), it has taken me about 10 minutes to set up, and it still isn’t looking right. When I choose not to have a line break, don’t keep on inserting one!

I would love some software like this, that makes it easy to set up online tests and the like, but at this stage, Scholaris isn’t easy. I don’t know who Microsoft bought Scholaris from, but I think they should have waited a bit longer before doing so.

Inventor Projects on Removable Media

I teach _AutoDesk Inventor _at school, and I love using it. I have come across what I deem to be a major issue. I work from a USB Drive, for a couple of reasons - the main one of them is that most machines I work at are shared machines, and the second (the reason I cannot just work from the network storage) I sometimes take work home. Finally, the USB device seems somewhat faster to access than my network drive. However, my USB Drive doesn’t always mount as the same volume letter. On most machines, it mounts as E:\, however, on the machine I am on now (a different pool), it mounts as J:\. Normally, this doesn’t matter, as files tend not to refer to one another. What’s not cool is when these locations are hard coded into a Project file. And moving machines means I need to go through and change each location. And then repeat this when I go back to the original computer.

Post Titles and non-Latin characters

One of the most common issues we see on the Blogsome Forums is when a user tries to post an article that has non-latin characters in the title. I found I had done this, with a recent post without realising this. What I propose is a change to the Blogsome code that either just strips out the extended characters, or replaces them by similar characters. It could convert any of the characters: à áâãäå into a, for instance, and æ into ae. For others, it could either convert ² into 2 or squared. I’m guessig a simple function could be rolled to do this, or even found out there already on the Internet.