One Year Anniversary

Apparently, it’s one year since I moved permanently to Blogsome. I still love her as much as the day I met her.

Nova: 91-point-crap

We’ve had Nova 91.9 playing while we’ve been painting the last couple of nights. Some of the music is okay, but last night I noticed they are playing exactly the same songs as the night before. That’s okay - the young folk today are so whacked out on drugs (prescription, as well as recreational) so they probably don’t remember that these songs were on last night too. After about three hours, I realised they were playing a whole heap of songs for the second time that night! I mean, come on. You needs to smoke shit-loads of drugs to forget the songs that played in the last three hours. And it wasn’t just one or two, but more like all of them. Are the programmers so lazy they only program half a night worth of music, and just play it all twice? I want that job!

Show Selected Character

I often use Apple’s Character Palette - it allows for the insertion of every character from every font into the current document. You can open it by choosing Show Character Palette from the Input Menu. It usually shows the flag of your country, although you may need to activate it using the International Preference Pane. I won’t go into how to use it, but I will talk about the little utility menu down in the bottom left. That’s right, you can select a character, and get it shown in the Character Palette. It doesn’t work in every application - FireFox is an example, but it’s possible to copy and paste from these applications into one that does work: SubEthaEdit for example. Finally, I can replace the CJK Unicode characters in my Template with their &#x0b5d (hex) equivalent:


老虎油漆 Actually, I could also have used SubEthaEdit’s Copy As XHTML… menu item, which gives another representation:



Creative Trackback Spam

I received four interesting Trackback Spams today, on two seperate posts. Often, when I’ve been hit by a trackback Spammer there is one Spam with a heap of links, which gets picked up by the Spam Filter, and then a couple that have one or two of the same links, which gets through. These ones weren’t like that - the only link was the URL value, and they all had to do with MP3 files - although neither of the posts did. The most interesting thing is that they appeared to be legit comments - if you didn’t read the post, you could believe they were responding to it. I’ve left them there for now, after removing the URL value.