I’m currently rewriting iTunesRating to allow for half-star ratings. This is a program that sits in the menubar, and displays the rating of the current song, and allows it to be changed. I’ve learned a lot about how to create a NSStatusItem already tonight, and I’m working on getting the AppleScript interface to properly with it. It builds a bit on iTunesRater, a program I wrote in AppleScript Studio, which allows for the same thing, although this will have a much smaller screen footprint. If only I could get hold of the original source code - I could fix it in a few seconds, I suspect. More updates later.

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Don't resize my browser window. Ever.

I use a banking site, which thankfully, now supports Firefox. And, supposedly to assist security, there is something like a five minute timeout, which logs you out of the system if you don’t have any interaction with the server. This is bad enough: often I’m getting data out of my bank account, and check an email, or get an IM, and when I go back to the bank site, I’m logged out. But, what’s even worse is that when I get logged out, it resizes the browser window to the full size of the screen. I run in 1680x1050, and a significant section of my screen is set aside for status monitors of a sort. And, I’ve got my browser window exactly the size I want it to be. So, it annoys the hell out of me to have to resize it, just because some idiot coded in a crappy line into their javascript. I wonder if I could use a GreaseMonkey filter to stop it happening?

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