Internet Sharing Issues

I posted some time ago about Internet Sharing quitting on me, but this point was moot after I got ADSL. I now have a (wireless) router that looks after all of that sort of stuff. Or did, until my ISP went belly-up, and I am back on dialup. Now, I have a worse problem. I can’t seem to share my internet connection from the Mac to any other machines on my network at all. I know it has something to do with the router, as this is the only new bit of kit I’m using. Now, I used to have my NSLU2 as my DHCP server, which was great, as I could tweak the settings endlessly, and ensure that I’ve got it all go. But with the router, it will only allow itself to be the default gateway. Which is okay when my ADSL is on, but bad right now. And, I’ve tried playing with the network settings on each machine, even manually configuring them, but still no joy. So, the laptop I borrowed from work is only being used to ssh in to my Mac, and then run links. Hardly a nice way to browse the web circa 2006.

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I’m currently rewriting iTunesRating to allow for half-star ratings. This is a program that sits in the menubar, and displays the rating of the current song, and allows it to be changed. I’ve learned a lot about how to create a NSStatusItem already tonight, and I’m working on getting the AppleScript interface to properly with it. It builds a bit on iTunesRater, a program I wrote in AppleScript Studio, which allows for the same thing, although this will have a much smaller screen footprint. If only I could get hold of the original source code - I could fix it in a few seconds, I suspect. More updates later.

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Don't resize my browser window. Ever.

I use a banking site, which thankfully, now supports Firefox. And, supposedly to assist security, there is something like a five minute timeout, which logs you out of the system if you don’t have any interaction with the server. This is bad enough: often I’m getting data out of my bank account, and check an email, or get an IM, and when I go back to the bank site, I’m logged out. But, what’s even worse is that when I get logged out, it resizes the browser window to the full size of the screen. I run in 1680x1050, and a significant section of my screen is set aside for status monitors of a sort. And, I’ve got my browser window exactly the size I want it to be. So, it annoys the hell out of me to have to resize it, just because some idiot coded in a crappy line into their javascript. I wonder if I could use a GreaseMonkey filter to stop it happening?

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Corgi licking Peanut Butter jar From: xkcd forums.

Donald Knuth comic.

This one made me laugh - see it and more over on

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Posting Images via XMLRPC

I’ve been getting errors when trying to upload images via ecto, an XMLRPC client.

Method “metaWeblog.newMediaObject” produced a server error: “server error. requested method metaWeblog.newMediaObject does not exist.”.

I’m not sure if this is due to a new version of ecto, or something that’s broken within ecto. I’m downloading some other editors to try it out, but over dialup…

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Block Comments after X days

Eugenia (who used to write for BeOS sites, back in the day) wanted to know how to stop comments from being posted on posts that are over 10 days. I’ll generalize this to X days, just for completeness. You need to get the date of the post, and the current date. I’ll get the post date, and put it into a variable: {capture name=pdate}{the_time d=“U”}{/capture} {$} Now, you need to subtract the two of these: {$ - $smarty.capture.pdate} Note that it will be somewhat incorrect, as {$} is server time, whilst {the_time} is WordPress time. Now, this gives us a value in seconds, so we want to work out how long X days is in seconds. This, again is simple: X days = 60*60*24 seconds X days = 86400 seconds {capture name=diff}{$$smarty.capture.pdate}{/capture} Now, the actual code to display the error message is: {if $smarty.capture.diff/86400 > 10}     I'm sorry, Comments are now closed. {/if} But, we want this to appear instead of a comment form, so you’ll need to find the line that looks a bit like: {if 'open' == $post->comment_status} And replace it with: {if $smarty.capture.diff/86400 > 10}     I'm sorry, Comments are now closed. {elseif 'open' == $post->comment_status} Naturally, replace 10 with however many days of comments you wish to allow.

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Stickies No Longer Editable

I use MacOS X Stickies as desktop reminders, and by an large they are very cool. Just recently, however, they got a whole lot less useful for me. Something has gone wrong, and I can no longer edit the text in any sticky note. I can select it, and I can paste into it, but I can’t type into it. And, before you ask, I’ve trashed the prefs, and deleted my ~/Library/StickiesDatabase file, all to no avail. And google can’t tell me anything about it either.

Back to Dialup

If you’ve been following the saga with Veridas, you may have noticed that whilst the network was up briefly, it went down again. I’ve now connected with another ISP, and have a complimentary dialup account to use until my churn completes. And man, dialup sucks…

Veridas back on the air?

It seems like Veridas, the wholesale ISP that my ISP goes through, is back providing internet access, at least to some degree. It’s billing system is back up online, but the home page, and the pages of my ISP are not. I’m still at work, so I can’t see if my ADSL is back, but I hope it is.