BBC Radio 4 - Comedy - Hut 33

BBC Radio 4 - Comedy - Hut 33:
Hut 33 is a new sitcom from the award winning creators of Think the Unthinkable
And, I don’t seem to be able to get realdump to work properly to grab it. Not that I’d have the first few episodes, anyway. I have to just hope that the ABC decide to play it, and I remember to listen…

Human Time Plugin at 9am.

Doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Airport Extreme Base Station Printing

Printer sharing via the Airport Extreme Base Station is great. Once you have installed Bonjour for Windows clients too, then everyone can find the printer easily, and print to it. Except if you happen to turn off your printer, and then restart your base station. When you turn the printer back on, it won’t be recognised by the base station. Unplugging the USB printer and plugging it back in fixes the issue with not being able to find it. This is kind of annoying, as we turn our printer off when it is not in use. And I often need to restart the base station (that’s’ the other thing. If you even add a port forwarding entry, you need to restart the stupid thing!).

Server issues already

Well, this is not a good start to my hosting on a new host. I’ve been there less than a week, and already there has been a significant downtime (approx 2 hours). Hopefully this is not a habit…