Remove Operator Logo

I’d forgotten this was how I’d removed the Operator Logo last time: I registered with, and Australian Web-based SMS service. If you register you get a couple of points, and you only need one to get an operator logo. Then make a custom operator logo, with no background, and make it so it is just whitespace (a single space works well). Then choose your provider, and then click Preview. You may need to re-choose the provider before clicking Send. All done. When you receive the Operator Logo, it will default to being active, masking the YES OPTUS that was there, or whatever your provider displays. If you ever want it back: Menu âžž Settings âžž Main Display âžž Operator logo âžž Off

Nokia 6101 Issues

I’m not having any real issues with my new phone, but these are the things I’d like to be able to change:

  • It’d be great to be able to Sync with my Mac Address Book.
  • Camera shutter sound is very loud. Will need to disable it. Done.
  • PTT button is a waste of space. Would like to remap it to something else.
  • Need a blank operator logo. Had one for the 6610, and it was great. Done.
  • Front screen is lower in colour depth. Images look bad.
  • Some photos don’t transfer across properly - they cannot be opened when copied to the phone.
  • Memory isn’t very large (<3Mb).
  • The Optus image on the mini screen when it’s open sucks.

Disable Shutter Sound in Nokia 6101

To disable the annoying camera sound in the Nokia 6101, do the following: Menu âžž Media âžž Camera âžž Options âžž Settings âžž Camera sounds âžž Off And I thought I’d need to get some fancy firmware hack!

New Phone: Nokia 6101

Well, my contract with B Clear and Simple finally ran out, so I ran out and got a new phone, and a new contract. Luckily, a few years back the Australian Government decided to make it possible to port your number to a new Service Provider, so I’m keeping the same one. And for some reason to get this legislation through, they didn’t have to make up some bullshit about clear and present danger of terrorist threat on home soil… Anyway, the first OptusWorld shop I went to didn’t have any 6101 phones, so I went to another, and they did. Took about an hour (or so it seemed) for all of the paperwork to be done. Then the guy said it would take about 4-5 hours for my old SIM card to stop working, and my new Optus account to be up and running. I wandered 100m down the mall, went into a sushi bar and unpacked my phone. Battery nearly fully charged, and SIM card already working! So, I really like the phone so far. Especially since the old phone was starting to have some issues: buttons weren’t registering properly on a click, and so on. I’ll write more when I’ve actually used it for some time.

Melted Ice-Cream?

On the way to get a new brushcutter on Saturday, we saw an Ice-Cream van being fixed up by the RAA. Since I had a brand new camera-phone, I just had to take a photo.