Nokia E65

I’m really liking the look of the Nokia E65 as my next phone. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, and Nokia also supply an iSync plugin. And it works with Salling Clicker, which looks like the must have phone/Mac interface program. Edit: Had N65 in the body, meant E65.

Address Book Find Duplicates

Address Book on OS X has a neato “Find Duplicates” feature. But it doesn’t do everything I need it to.

On a mobile phone (Nokia ones, at least) if you have more than one contact with the same number, it gets confused when one of them calls, and doesn’t know who to display on the caller list.

So, a proper “Find Duplicates” should find the same number, and even further, the equivalent number if using +countryCode numbering, and allow you to choose who gets to keep the number.

This is most noticed at workplaces, although when you have a couple, such as your parents, who have the same home phone number it also manifests. That is, assuming your parents are still living together, anyway.

I might have to knock together an AppleScript to do this. (This entry is a note to self about that).

Why is bad.

I received a comment on one of my blog posts about, an apparently free method of sending SMS text messages over the internet. Don’t use this system, for several extremely important reasons:

  • Your recipient does not recieve your message, but instead a placeholder message, to which they must either send a premium priced message to a 19-number - minimum cost of 50c, I don’t know the actual cost, or visit a website, and pay 50c via PayPal to view the message.
  • It’s system for sending a message requires you to add a person to your address book first, you can’t, like send a message to someone, and then decide to add them to your Address Book.
  • The system is very insecure. You are given a link with a number at the end to visit a website. It is possible to change this number, and then view the message of someone else. Or, at least, I assume it is. I wasn’t going to waste 50c to see if this is the case. If a message can only be viewed once, then it would be possible to hijack someone else’s messages, if you were prepared to pay the money, thus preventing them from viewing them.
  • You cannot send a second message until a person has replied/retreived the first. What happens if the person chooses not to? You cannot send them another…

Thus, this system is not free. Whilst it costs nothing to send, it costs at least 50c to retrieve. This is contrary to the normal way SMS charges are applied in Australia, which are sender-based. At least you can choose not to retrieve a message, so if “James” keeps sending me SMSs, I can ignore him. Similar to how Optus keeps sending me advertising MMSs. And I keep ignoring them.

Fix Bluetooth connection errors with emitSMS

I use the excellent and free emitSMS for all of my SMS sending-from-my-Mac needs, and it works a treat. However, for some reason in the last couple of days it has stopped connecting properly to my phone, a Nokia E65.

I’ve had lots of hassles with this phone, and thought this might be just another one. But I’ve restarted both the phone and the Mac, and no joy.

If you look at the back of the emitSMS widget, you’ll be able to choose the serial port to connect to. If you try changing the port to one of the standard ones, it should give an almost immediate error. If you change it back to your phone’s serial port, and it hangs forever, there is a solution.

Picture 2.png

As can be seen from the image above, I’ve just created a second Dial-UpNetworking bluetooth port, and used that instead.


Open up System Preferences, and visit the Bluetooth panel. Select your phone, and select Edit Serial Ports… from the utility menu.


Add a new serial port using the plus button, and duplicate all of the settings.


Click Apply, and then change the serial port back in emitSMS. It should connect and identify your phone.

Best. Ringtone. Ever

I’m not even going to tell you what it is. You must just listen to it. And laugh.