iTunes Signature

[Paul’s Time Sink iTunes Signature]1 This is kinda cool. It generates a nice little file that is a conglomeration of the music you typically listen to. I set it so it didn’t choose tracks from the same artist or album, and found some nice stuff:
  • Tim Rogers • You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far

    No surprises here - one of my favourite songs.

  • Paul Kelly • Look So Fine, Feel So Low

    This one raised an eyebrow. Great song, but not the PK song I’d choose as my favourite.

  • 3 Different versions of Pachelbel’s Canon, by different orchestras

  • Gymnopédie No. 1 • Satie (Composer): A fabulous tune!

  • Mel C & Left Eye • Never Be The Same: the song that outed Mel C, or something like that. An alltime great Lesbo song.

  • Two Antonio Carlos Jobim songs, but only one of them performed by him: Quiet Nights (Corçovado), and Inütil Paisagem (Useless Landscape).

  • Hanson • MMMBop

This was not all of the tracks, but a pretty good selection, nonetheless. You can hear my signature here.

.VRO files

  • tv

I missed the last episode of The Biggest Loser. A friend taped it, but our VCR is still packed away somewhere since we moved house, and we only have the Xbox connected up. This does double duty as our DVD player. So, he converted the taped version to DVD using his PVR. Except it came out as not a proper DVD. VR_MOVIE.VRO This is a file format used by PVR systems, and apparently is similar to a VOB file, but not quite. I went to convert this with some software, but it failed. I then tried to copy it across to the HD so I could manipulate it, but that failed too. It seems to have something to do with the fact that the file is larger than 4Gb. But I’m not sure… but I do know that no commands or applications seem to be able to open it up. I’ll have to try on the PC. Update: No good. The PC only has a DVD+RW drive, the disc is a DVD-RW disc.