appscript: Is application running?

This is the best way I can find to test if an application is running under appscript:

1    try:
2        app('System Events').processes['AppName']()
3    except:
4        print 'Application AppName is not running'

I think it’s kinda neat. I’d like to know of a better method, but I looked pretty hard!

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rwhod OS X weirdness

I like using rwhod on my home network. It means I can see how long the various machines have been on for, but there is one issue. On my Ubuntu box, everything is hunky dory. rwhod starts at boot, and tells me the uptime of that machine, and who is logged in. However, on the Macs, rwhod, while started, doesn’t seem to work. If I kill the process, and restart it (both as superuser), then it picks up the data fine. I wonder if it has something to do with starting too early in the boot sequence. I’ve got it set up as a LaunchDaemon, and it ran last boot as process 58. Perhaps something else needs to have started before it will work.

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Unpacking stuff

Well, after living in our new house for more than two years, we have finally unpacked all of the crockery and glassware into the kitchen. I mean, there was a rationale: we were renovating. Initially, we had thought it would take us a couple of months to get the house to a liveable state. We were at least an order of magnitude wrong. We have put enough of the kitchen in (including the microwave and dishwasher, but not the benchtops, stove and sink) to allow us to use it effectively. In particular, the dishwasher was the main reason we were able to even consider moving more than just two each of plates, cups, spoons, etc. Actually, living with just two of everything was very liberating. Granted, you have to wash everything before you cook every meal (or after, I suppose, but that’s not really my style). But never having more than a couple of dishes means that washing up isn’t such a chore. Entertaining wasn’t really an option. Other than that big party we had for our 30th birthdays, but that didn’t really require much crockery. So now, we have stuff again. We got rid of a heap of stuff we aren’t going to use. I’m still hanging on to some of the stubby holders and Star Trek mugs from my younger days, but we have really consolidated what we have. After all, if we didn’t use stuff for the last two or so years, we can’t need it too badly, can we?

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Safari 3 beta not displaying characters correctly

I’ve changed my default browser to Safari 3 beta, and I’m liking it a lot. It’s nice to use a Keychain aware application again (it makes it easier to find out what password I used for a site), but there is one issue with this browser on my site. I use a special character in CSS to get the stars in the top menu. The best way to do this is to use something like:

1    #topnav li:before { content: "\2729  "; }
2    #topnav li:first-child:before { content: ""; }

Which works great in most browsers. Sometimes I come across a browser on a machine that doesn’t seem to have the right font installed, and I see a box there instead. And then, last night I noticed the same behaviour in Safari 3: Safari3Characters Now, this does not appear like this in either Firefox, or WebKit on the same machine: firefoxcharacters imageswebkitcharacters So, the big question is, why is Safari 3 beta not able to display the font correctly?