Safari and Tabs

By default, Safari in Leopard doesn’t show tabs.

defaults write AlwaysShowTabBar 1

Now, it does.

Vhosts setup with Leopard

I’ve been setting up my various VirtualHosts under Leopard, which uses Apache2.

I’d blogged before about ensuring that you set up the hosts line before you restart the apache daemon, but this time around I came across something even odder.

If you use the regular line in /etc/hosts, ie:    hostname

Then it fails under the VirtualHost setup. Instead, you need to use:

::1    hostname

Which is the IPv6 address. Which works under Virtual Hosts.

Elgato EyeTV + IceTV

Loving DTT with my new Mac Mini and EyeTV. Loving being able to look at an online guide anywhere, and schedule a program, or even better, a whole series whenever any episodes of it play.

One problem with the EyeTV/IceTV integration.

Schedule a program on IceTV, and it gets propogated down to your EyeTV - naturally, since that is where it is recorded. But if you schedule a program on your EyeTV, it isn’t passed back up to the IceTV system. So you can’t see everything you have programmed while at home. Meaning that it is easy to accidentally schedule a clashing recording with something else. Meaning you might accidentally tape an episode of the Simpsons that finishes after Grand Designs has started. Meaning you miss the first 20 minutes of your partner’s favourite show.

Not the best way to be able to justify why you spend $1500 on equipment so she wouldn’t ever miss that show again…

Welcome, Leopard

Well, I’ve bitten the bullet and installed Leopard onto my main machine. I did have it already on a Mac Mini, but that’s not a machine I use other than via eyeTV or Front Row.

So, how is it so far? Well, I’ve really only just gotten partway through reinstalling the apps I really need - I’m taking the approach that I’ll just install the stuff I use as I use it, and try not to do what I usually do which is install just about everything I think I might ever use.

I’m not keen on the shape of the new menus, I really don’t like the rounded bottoms. I’ve moved the dock to the left, but skill don’t really like the look of that, either. And I’ve killed off the annoying default desktop background image. That is really too busy for my taste.

Everything seems to be flying along nicely. iCal almost didn’t import my data, but closing it, removing the entire Calendars directory from Library and restarting it fixed it up nicely. It starts much faster than under Tiger.

Took me a while to get networking going with the spastic system we have here at work. But eventually did. I’m hoping that it won’t keep asking me to trust a certificate that is untrustworthy like Tiger did. That got old quickly.



via John Scalzy.

More lasts

Well, I’ve had my last Year 10, 11 and 12 classes. That was a nice thing to have finished.

Even better was the last lot of school reports. Ever.

Now it is time to rant and rave about the reporting process(es) in schools. Or maybe that will be after I’ve finished…

Filter this, idiots

Trying to read an article at school today, I was blocked by the foolish filter:

That’s right. This site is blocked because it is a Personal Page. What sort of shit is that?

Mac OS X Leopard Upgrade DVD

With my Mac Mini I also got an Upgrade DVD. Now, I wasn’t too fussed about having Leopard on the Media Centre, but I did want it on my laptop. So, I thought, I’ll just insert it into the MacBook Pro, and install from there.

Of course, that would be good if it worked. Which it didn’t. According to the dialog box, I “Don’t have Mac OS X v.4 Installed”.

Which isn’t the case:

Using Disk Utility was odd - for some reason my internal drive was not being mounted by the system.

I’m now trying the disk on a G5 iMac. I don’t know if this is a deliberate inability to install as it is from a Mac Mini, or if it is just an odd error.

later: And it appears like this DVD will not boot a G5 iMac. Or at least, not this one.

Net-related programming tip #38d

Don’t ever, ever, pop up a dialog box notifying that the update server could not be reached on an automatic update.

Perian decoders, when installed, keep trying every couple of minutes (if the pref is selected) to reach the update server and see if the version that is running is the current one. Now, I am without ‘net at the moment, since I’ve gone over quota at work, and I keep getting dialog boxes saying that the update server cannot be reached.

Now, I wouldn’t mind having automatic updates, but since I am not always connected to the ‘net, I can’t have them on. As the repeated dialog boxes are driving me mental.

Why the world depends on HTTP

I used to be a big fan of “the right protocol for the right job” - meaning that HTTP was just right for Hypertext documents, and FTP is what you need for transferring files. That’s what they are designed for, right.

Well, that was before I was behind a draconian firewall that only allows out HTTP and HTTPS.

So now, I can’t download a driver for a C2100 Fuji Xerox DocuPrint printer, which I need to use for work, because they only offer the file over FTP. And because it is a system-wide block, I can’t even get my local sysadmin to allow the transfer.

Stupid management.